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Mid-Tech Filtration Ltd is a member of the TFG Group of comapnies

Hospitals / Laboratories / Medical Centres / Optical Manufacturers

Mid-Tech Filtration supplies a wide range of medical industries with high quality filtration solutions for Hospitals, Laboratories and Medical Centres

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  • Water Treatment Plant (incoming mains filtration and absolute final filtration cartridges)
  • Cryptosporidium Cyst Removal
  • Protection for incoming mains supply
  • Legionella and Bacteria Filters for Showers and Taps point of use applications
  • DI Systems (Chlorine Removal/Pre-filtration/Final Filtration (absolute β5000 cartridge filters)
  • HVAC (Nominal and absolute rated panel/bag and HEPA filtration (fully Certified)
  • Autoclave and Steam (Sterile Cartridge Filters)
  • Gas Supplies (Fully validated Sterile
  • Gas Filter Cartridges/ capsules)
  • Reverse Osmosis Supply (Prefiltration
  • Absolute Cartridge Filters and Chlorine Removal)
  • Clean-Room Filtration (HEPA filters/High Efficiency Bag Filtration)
  • Dipping/Cleaning Bath Filtration (Cartridge filters nominal/absolute)
  • Filter housings (Plastic/Stainless Steel)

All liquid filters are certified to industry standard in terms of β ratio or removal efficiency and where applicable certificates are provided. All cartridges meet the relevant requirements of each industry such as F&B grade construction or Electronics Grade flushed to 18MΩ with DI water.

All Air Filtration Products are certified according to latest industry standards and in case of HEPAs are certified.